Springfield, MO - Thai Peppers Food Review

Thai Peppers
1411 E Sunshine St
Springfield, MO 65804

A foodie must stop when in Springfield, Missouri!

Thai Peppers is one of those little places that you could very well drive by and never know you had, but if you do, you will be missing something special.

Fayetteville, AR - Pesto Cafe Food Review

Pesto Cafe
1830 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone number
(479) 582-3330

A great foodie find in NWA. Let my facebook friends know I was heading to Fayetteville, and asked for some suggestions. Considering their suggestion last time I asked was great, I figured they would not steer me wrong again. And I was not disappointed in this suggestion either.

Springdale, AR - Spring Street Grill & Catering Food Review

Spring Street Grill & Catering
101 Spring St, Springdale, AR 72764
Phone number
(479) 751-0323

Go for the pie! The rest is so so. I found myself in Springdale, Arkansas today and decided to ask my Facebook friends for a suggestion of a restaurant to stop by and try. After a few minutes and several suggestions I decided to go to Spring Street Grill & Catering.

Fayetteville, AR - Greenhouse Grille Food Review

Foodie Nirvana!

Those are words I like to use and I wish I could use it more often. And in this case with Greenhouse Grille I feel very comfortable using them.

So, let's start with the facility. I love the decor and it is always clean. When the staff takes pride in their facility it shows and you know that there is a high degree of probability that the same level of pride is going to shine through in their food offerings.

And it does!

Fayetteville, AR - Fresco Cafe & Pub Food Review

Fresco Cafe & Pub
112 W Center Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone number
(479) 455-5555
Table booking recommended

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Michael and team have done a really great job with Fresco.
They have had their bumps in the road but I have to say that I am very
impressed with where this restaurant has gone.

The facility is always clean. The food is spot on and in
fact I think they are the only place around offering Truffle fries.

Fayetteville, AR - Feltner Brothers Food Review

Feltner Brothers
2768 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone number
(479) 935-4545

What I love about Feltner Brothers is the fact that you can get good food at a decent price.

I have had lots of burgers and coneys in my life and cooked up (yeah, even burnt a few) a few as well. Theirs has a special ingredient in them, do you have any idea what that is? I will tell you. It is LOVE!